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MFJ – 461  Pocket Morse Reader

Boxed and in mint condition

Current ML&s Price  £  160

          Only  £  75

Tel: 0131 539 2858

Dave 6

morse reader

morse reader 2

 BridgeCom BCR-40U (400-470 MHz) 40W UHF Repeater

£700 No Offers + Postage At Buyer Costs Or Cash on Collection
Item Located in Prestonpans East Lothian
Contact Gordon 2M0BGK Via Private Message on Facebook Or Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This was bought from Bridgecom in the USA for $ 1,499.99 and shipped to Scotland with $165 shipping then £350 UK import duty So the price reflects this . This repeater has lay in its box for nearly 2yrs and is in the same condition as when sold just need to sell it as no longer needed .


UHF (400-470 MHz, 70cm) - 40 Watts Continuous Duty
Designed and assembled in the USA

Introducing the ComLink™ BCR-40U/50V FM Repeater System by BridgeCom Systems, Inc. The BCR Repeater provides a feature rich repeater/base station. Packed with loads of RF power, this dual fan-cooled unit can become a community repeater, a 16 channel base station, manage a channel in an LTR® trunking system, and much more.

Applications On-Site Communications: Provide clear, reliable communications for settings such as golf courses, warehouses, office buildings, factories, colleges, and universities. Community Repeater: Each channel provides for quick and reliable decode of CTCSS and DCS. Trunking Systems: Excellent choice for interfacing LTR® trunking controllers. Feature Rich Base Station: 16 channels support up to 24 users per channel. Amateur Repeater: Both VHF and UHF versions operate in their respective amateur region of the spectrum.

Options External Peripherals: Easily connect a telephone interconnect, DC remote, tone/code panel, paging board, and telemetry devices. Link-Radio Ready: Connect a "Link-Radio" for cross-band applications and interoperability. GMRS Ready: Add a tuned internal duplexer.

Features • Built-In 10A Power Supply • Battery Backup with Built-in Charging Circuit • 13.8 Volts Output • Dual Cooling Fans • Front & External Speaker • 25-pin Accessory Connector: RX Discriminator Out External PTT In TX Audio In +13.8V Out (1A Max) COS Output • Keypad Lock • Adjustable Squelch • 12.5 kHz/25 kHz Channel • Over-the-Air Programmable • Adjustable RF Power • Transmitter Fine tuning • TX Timeout Timer • Per User Features: Air Time Logging Courtesy Tone (0, 500, 1000, 1500) TX Hang Timer Tone-In-Tail • Built-in CWID • CSQ Repeat • LTR® Compatible and Lo-Speed Data Ready • Windows® Based Programmer

General BCR-40U BCR-50V Number of Channels: 16 Operating Voltage: 13.8 V DC Nominal Channel Spacing: 12.5kHz / 25kHz Current Drain: 10A Max Weight: 18 lbs. Weight w/ Duplexer: 20 lbs. Frequency Range: 400-470 MHz 450-510 MHz 136-174 MHz Dim. (W x H x D): 19.0” x 3.5” x 13.5” Frequency Stability: +/-1.5 ppm +/- 1.5 ppm Operating Temp Range: -22° F to +140° F (-30° C to +60° C)

Receiver BCR-40U BCR-50V Local Oscillator: Low-side injection Low-side injection Sensitivity: 0.25 µV @ 12dB SINAD / 0.22 µV @ 10dB Squelch Threshold: Open 12dB SINAD/ Close 8dB SINAD Selectivity: 65dB @ 12.5kHz 70dB @ 25.0kHz Spurious Rejection: 70dB 70dB Intermodulation Rejection: 72dB @ 12.5kHz 72dB @ 25.0kHz Antenna Connector: N-Type Antenna Impedance: 50Ω Transmitter BCR-40U BCR-50V RF Output (w/o duplexer): Programmable 400-470 @ 0-40W 450-510 @ 0-40W adjustable 136-174 @ 0-50W adjustable Modulation: 160K0F3E, 11K0F3E Maximum Deviation: +/- 5kHz (25 kHz) +/- 2.5 kHz (12.5 kHz) FM Hum and Noise: 40dB @ 12.5kHz 45dB @ 25.0kHz Antenna Connector: N-Type Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

Windows® Based Programmer
Built-In 11.2A Power Supply
Battery Backup with Built-in Charging Circuit
Dual Cooling Fans
Front Panel Speaker
25-pin Accessory Connector
Adjustable Squelch
12.5 kHz/25 kHz Channel Spacing
Over-the-Air Programming and Maintenance via DTMF Tone Sequences
Built-in station CWID - Morse rate programmable 10-25 wpm
The MAX TX POWER when transmitting 40Watts is ~9 Amps
Quiescent draw is around ~250mA


£40 No Offers + Postage At Buyer Costs Or Cash on Collection
Item Located in Prestonpans East Lothian
Contact Gordon 2M0BGK Via Private Message Or Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Frequency range (MHz): VHF 136-174MHz | UHF 400-480MHz
Memory channels: 128
Supply voltage: DC 7.4V
Mode of operation: Simplex or semi-duplex
Frequency step (kHz): 2.5K/5.0K/6.25K/10.0K/12.5K/20.0K/25.0K/50.0K
Frequency stability: ±2. 5ppm
Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm
Operating temperature: -20OC to +60OC
Duty cycle: 03/03/54 min. (Rx/ Tx/ Standby)
Consumption: ≤75mA (standby) | 380mA (reception) | ≤1.4A(transmission)
Radio weight (g): 0.66lb | 300g
Dimensions (mm): 4.27in x 2.17in x 1.17in | 120mm X 55mm X 30mm
Package Content
1x Radioddity GA-510 Radio
2x 2200mAh Battery
1x Dual Band Antenna
1x Programming Cable
1x Desktop Charger
1x Adapter
1x Belt Clip
1x Wrist Strap
1x Earpiece
1x User Manual

Equipment For Sale by  Dave GM6KGZ - 11th January

With RF Kit

Boxed and in mint condition

Current Price  £ 1,273

            Only  £ 700

Tel:  0131 539 2858

Dave 6

dave 6 rigola

The equipment for sale listed below was Bundled with Icom and Yaesu Equipment

Purchased from Martin Lynch & son.

All the equipment is New and Unused it is in the original boxes or packaging.

Telephone  0131 539 2858

Dave 6


Icom VS-3 Bluetooth Headset  £45

Yaesu SSM-BT10 Bluetooth headset  £15


I am acting as contact for Stuart 2M0SEF family with a view to vend his remaining equipment.

Related items I would prefer be kept together as a lot to prevent being left with isolated kit.

Please email any if you have any questions.

Venue is Invergowrie near Dundee for viewing and cash on collection.

No reasonable offer refused so far!

By the way, the IC 756PROIII was working OK when I last used it at Stuart's QTH, it is in good condition and I may have been a bit harsh in describing the screen as slow, it was not requiring replacement!


Dave Duff GM4UGF

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

MakeModelSerial NoNotes                               ConditionBoxedNew PriceEstimate £
Icom IC 756PROIII 3501097 HF to 50Mhz Internal tuner. With hand Mic. Handbook Screen slow to brightness? No £2,700.00 £600
Icom SM-20   Desk Microphone Good No £200 £150
Icom  SP-23   External Speaker Good No £100 £50
HS HS-5    Headphones 8 Ohms 6mm plug Good No £30 £5
Yaesu FT-8800E 3J620456 VHF/UHF 50 watt Circuit Diagram. Handbook. Good Yes £400 £200
Yaesu  YSK 8900    Separation Kit never used Good Yes £150 £50
Kenwood TM-V7E 2040064 VHF/UHF Good Yes £500 £179
Yaesu VX-7R with drop-in charger 40300295 VHF/UHF Handie Has soft case. Bat charges. Open Freqs  Fair No £250 £50
JRC NRD-515   JRC NRD-515 HF Receiver Little used Good No £1,000 £400
JRC NVA-515   External Speaker Little used Good No £150 £50
Pioneer Headphones   Headband to repair Headband to repair No £20 £5
LAR HF Omni March Tuner   Instruction Leaflet 250 PEP, 200 on 1.8, 120 on CW Good No £300 £100
MFJ MFJ-259B   Analyzer HF-VHF External wall PS 10xAA not supplied. A4 printed Fair No £250 £50
Code Master CWR-610E 502117 Info on File Internal solder links not known. Good No £400 £25
OPC Korea TV/Monitor/all transistor/CRT  1082909 OPC Korea TV/Moniter/all transistor/CRT 1082909 Phono Plug input may be compatible Missing brightness knob & two feet  No £100 £10
Kernow  CB   CB EU-UK Neat set Good No £150 £30
  PSU   5W Mains Power Supply Good No £30 £10
ROSII  Antenna Matcher   HF & CB swr-pi-mod guages Good No £140 £50
Tait  2010   4 Channel LB vhf ? Ex MSA use Mic & Power lead Fair No £200 £10
Motorola Radius GM900    R304B LB vhf 304IXA1625 Ex MSA use Model M01KH9AN3BN Fair No £200 £10
Motorola M110   Type 32EZA/EVA LB vhf 16ARSU0788 Ex MSA use Model MAU32EZA3J22AK  Fair No £200 £10
China Manu   Multi Battery Isolator (3 pole) Model BI-200A1B2 Max Alt 200A DC Volts 6-60 Ground Negative   New, with leaflet Yes £200 £100
       Assorted Antenna Material May be of use to DIY      £0 £0



I have been asked if I would pass this list around and if interested contact Mark <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Hi everyone I'm helping the wife of a local SK, GM4HRL Tony Sergeant, and there's a lot of kit available if anyone for purchase is folk were interested. Would you guys mind helping me get the word out? Local clubs is fine. I tried Livingston where he used to visit but not many were interested. I've attached the list below. Apparently most of it is working, if not all of it. He checked the kit before he passed away. I am interested in a few things, marked with a *, but everything else is pretty much up for grabs. There's also lots of home built kit as Tony was an RF//Electronics engineer in his past. I'm hoping we can get a good price for things for his wife Linda.

  • Kenwood TS-440S Transceiver
  • Yaesu FT-480R Transceiver *
  • Datong FL3 Multi Mode Filter
  • Jaybeam LW10 2M 10 Element Yagi
  • Welz DL-600 200W Dummy Load £15
  • Spinner 25W Dummy Load * £5
  • Ambit FET DIP Oscillator G3WPO 1.6-215 MHz
  • Difona HF magmount + 3 various whips of unknown bands
  • Drae 24A PSU
  • Burndept BF471 UHF Handheld Radio
  • Texscan RA-100 DC-1GHz Attenuator
  • OMB Electronics Counter Timer 745
  • Vibroplex CW Straight Key
  • Himound CW Straight Key
  • 3-4 other unknown CW Straight Keys, they look old
  • Kenwood LF-30A Low Pass Filter
  • Wandel & Golfermann PM-10 Level Meter and PS-20 Signal Generator (both as a kit with case)
  • Various antenna switches
  • Cables, mostly PL-259, looks to be mostly RG213 type
  • Books: The ARRL Handbook 1998, RSGB Radio Data Reference Book (80s?), RSGB VHF/UHF Manual, Radio and Electronics Vol 1&2 by JH Reyner (50s/60s?)

Thanks,Mark <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

I have an Icom 2820 for sale it has most Central Scotland and beyond 2m Repeaters programmed into it also some 70cm Repeaters as well.£250I have an Icom 51 Plus Handy for sale it comes with its original Battery the larger Battery and a Battery Eliminator which plugs into a Cigarette lighter socket I also have a Heil Headset which is one sided for your Ear and can be worn on the Left or Right of your Head depending on preference and has the PTT Switch on the Cable .I also have the HM186-LS Speaker Mic for it which has only been used a handful of times and I have the Rapid Charger for the Batteries.£300All above items have their original Boxes the 2820 is a bit tatty and the packet that came with the HM 186-LS Mic is missing but all other items for the 51 Plus and Accessories have Boxes I will be taking them to the Braehead Rally on the 14/5/23.

Item Located West Lothian

Contact Fraser at   

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Motorola UHF DM4401e Mobile Digital Two-Way Radio ( With GPS )

£80.00 + Shipping or you can arrange your own collection.

 Would Consider Swap for a 70MHz radio.


Power lead, microphone, mounting bracket, programming cable,

Item located in Ellesmere Port England 

Price  £80.

+ Shipping or you can arrange your own collection.

Contact Keith 2E0IHO - Keith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.