DMR Talk Groups

11World-Wide Calling
12Europe Calling
13North America
113English World-Wide Calling
180UK Chat 1
181Chat 2
182Chat 3
183Chat 4
184Chat 5
1113World-Wide Chat 1 English
1119World-Wide Chat 1 (All Languages)
1123World-Wide Chat 2 English
1129World-Wide Chat 2 (All Languages)
1235UK Calling
12345CQ North
12350Brandmeister UK Calling
12355Brandmeister Scotland Wide
12721Irish Chat 1
12722Irish Chat 2
12723Irish Chat 3
123450Yorkshire Net
123525Extended Freedom Network
123531Raynet UK (linked to Brandmeister)
123532Essex Raynet
123550Scotland Chat
123565Northumberland Scouts
28Northern Ireland Cluster (Only available on GB3OM and GB7UL)
29Local (Repeater Only)
2801South East England
2810South West England
2820North West England
2830Midlands England
2840East of England
2842EA Special Link (GB7AV GB7EX GB7HH)
2844East Anglia East Coast (GB7DS GB7EB GB7TX GB7YL)
2851Special Link (GB7AI GB7BL GB7EY GB7GM)
2852Special Link (GB7DM GB7KY GB7SM GB7XG GB7GX)
2860Northeast England
2870Wales and Marches Regional
2880Northern Ireland Regional
22724Irish Calling
29990Echo Test
223555Scotland Calling
223556UK Wide Multimode
223557Scotland East
223558Scotland North
223559Scotland West

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