Following on from the change to the Amateur Radio Licence Terms & Conditions recently announced by Ofcom, DVSPh is pleased to advise that low power repeaters (5W or less) are welcome to connect to our network via a new dedicated server - DMR+ IPSC2-DVSPh-M ( or


The dashboard for this server can be found in the dashboard menu above or at:


Please use your standard DMR ID plus a 2 digit ESSID when connecting to this

*An ESSID is a 2 digit number (01-99) that is added to the end of your DMR
ID to enable a user to connect more than one device to the network whilst
still using the same user ID

Gateway and standard hotspot users should continue to use server F - DMR+
IPSC2-DVSPh-F ( or


We look forward to seeing you on our network.








This issue has now been fixed, thank you to the wizards that work in and on the background

The team are aware of an issue with both netmon and the repeater status.
This is related to a recent web server move and upgrade
The dev team are working on solutions, although unfortunately these may not be quick to implement.

Further to our news post dashboard issues


We have been made aware of issues connecting to XLX600 (our multimode reflector). 

If you have trouble connecting firstly update your hosts file if that doesn't work you can enter the host manually.

We have contacted several websites that have XLX / DCS reflectors listed to prompt them to update their hosts file from the domain to



We are pleased to announce "dark(ish) mode" on the DVSPh website.


It can be activated by the day / night toggle on the right of the main menu on the top of the page.      Toggle

Or try it now      

You will notice it's not 100% dark, more a DVSPh dark blue, but we think you'll still like it.


It is still in beta so be prepared for the odd quirk and surprise.


We have noticed a local caching issue where if you have a cached "light" version of the page on your local machine, that may be served on the dark version. We are looking in to a fix for this but think if you stick with one colour mode it should fix itself.
Colour switching seems to be browser, operating system and cache setting dependant.

Dv Scotland Phoenix are happy to announce we now have a
**WiresX Room . Room Number 06076 DVSPH **
we would like to invite yaesu fusion users to give it a try and give us your feedback on this many thanks.
PLEASE NOTE : This project is still under test and development and we may from time to time be updating this for the better of the user thank you for you support and understanding
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