DMR M Server - For LPR / low power repeaters

Following on from the change to the Amateur Radio Licence Terms & Conditions recently announced by Ofcom, DVSPh is pleased to advise that low power repeaters (5W or less) are welcome to connect to our network via a new dedicated server - DMR+ IPSC2-DVSPh-M ( or


The dashboard for this server can be found in the dashboard menu above or at:


Please use your standard DMR ID plus a 2 digit ESSID when connecting to this

*An ESSID is a 2 digit number (01-99) that is added to the end of your DMR
ID to enable a user to connect more than one device to the network whilst
still using the same user ID

Gateway and standard hotspot users should continue to use server F - DMR+
IPSC2-DVSPh-F ( or


We look forward to seeing you on our network.